How to play Daily Fantasy Sports

Experience a fun new way of earning crypto with competitive sports prediction contests.

Available Contests

Perfect Lineup

In Perfect Lineup contests, users create a lineup by selecting real sports players listed in a Player Pool. Players have a fictional salary. If you play a salary cap contest, you have to stay below the salary cap with your player selections. Users accumulate fantasy points based on the players performance in real games. The player with the most points, wins the contest.

Available Leagues

  • NFL Perfect Lineup
  • NBA Perfect Lineup
  • MLB Perfect Lineup
  • EPL Perfect Lineup
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Captain Mode

Captain Mode is a special type of the Perfect Lineup contests. You can select 5 different Players and one captain to form your Team. The captain has 1.5x the salary and will get 1.5x the points. This contest is usually available for single games.

Available Leagues

  • NFL Captain Mode
  • NBA Captain Mode
  • MLB Captain Mode
  • EPL Captain Mode
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Predictor Games are where you put your score prediction skills to the test. Predict the correct winner or loser, or correctly predict a draw. Earn points for correct score, score differential and correct outcome.

Available Leagues

  • NFL Predictor
  • NBA Predictor
  • MLB Predictor
  • EPL Predictor
  • La Liga Predictor
  • Serie A Predictor
  • NHL Predictor
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Over/Under Contest

Over/Under Contests are about Player Props, which are predictions on Over/Under lines for Player Stats. Choose your lineup of over/under player props and earn points for predicting the Over/Under right.

Available Leagues

  • NFL Over/Under
  • NBA Over/Under
  • MLB Over/Under
  • EPL Over/Under
  • La Liga Over/Under
  • Serie A Over/Under
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Player Matchups Contest

The Player Matchups Contest is also about Player stats. Pick between two player which one will perform better.

Available Leagues

  • NFL Player Matchups
  • NBA Player Matchups
  • MLB Player Matchups
  • EPL Player Matchups
  • La Liga Player Matchups
  • Serie A Player Matchups
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