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We are always exploring new features and services in order to better collaborate with companies in the cryptocurrency space. Please contact us if you’d like to partner with DraftApes.

Opportunities for brands

DraftApes is the best place for crypto-related businesses to grow their audience and promote their coins, NFTs, and projects. Our creative approach to advertising means we implement your products into our service model. Instead of classic banner or text ads, our crypto community will win your cryptocurrency or NFT in our daily contests.

With low capital investment required to sponsor a contest for our users, we are able to work with a diverse range of companies that can benefit from an experience with our audience. This service model integration, where your organization foots the prize money for a contest, means your company will actually get noticed by our users -- also known as your future customers.

Sponsored Contests

Do you have a new cryptocurrency, NFT or crypto project? Grow your audience with our cryptocurrency community. Sponsor a contest and give our community a chance to win your coin or NFT.

Community Giveaways

You run a community and want to do a giveaway? No need for boring raffles! Create a contest, share it with your community and the winner takes it all.

Advertise with DraftApes

Advertise your website or product across our cryptocurrency and gaming-focused website.

Grow your audience with DraftApes

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help benefit and grow your brand.
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